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comedy editor

" Laughter is an instant vacation." -Milton Berle

" Free vacation? Count me in!" -Matt Larson

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Hello! Thanks for reading this far. I'm a video editor based in Los Angeles specializing in comedic content. The best example of my work is a series called Burb Patrol, about two ill-equipped security guards enforcing HOA restrictions on an affluent community. The producers had a vision to style this along the lines of a Reno 911! meets The Office sorta vibe, and we were able to accomplish just that. I ended up editing all 10 episodes, as well as the trailer, blooper reel, and more.

As I search for my next series I've remained busy editing short films and comedy specials, and I'm currently wrapping post on my first feature film. 

Someday I'll edit feel-good comedies like Ted Lasso, dark gritty comedies like The Righteous Gemstones, offbeat character studies like Dave and Fleabag, alternate reality comedies like The Good Place, and feature-length comedic masterpieces like Rat Race, This is the End, and Eurovision. Until then, I'll continue making whatever I work on as funny as possible. Unless, of course, it's not a comedy. 

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They say if you can edit comedy you can edit anything, right?

No? I swear I've heard that somewhere.

Since you asked,

my comedic background is in improv comedy, and I performed stand-up comedy for about 10 years, but I've found my true comedic calling here, behind the scenes,

safely hidden from any drunken hecklers (usually).

In my experience, editing is the part of the filmmaking process where that term "movie magic" is in full effect. Terabytes of disconnected footage and sound are filtered through, well, me! In a sense.. and the result is a work of art that can make you laugh, cry, cringe, change the channel...that's pretty amazing when you think about it.

The feeling when a moment finally comes to life on the screen can make me feel alive just the same. And when I find myself laughing at the material, even after watching it a hundred times, then I know I've got something special.


Alright, back to vacation.



Check out my favorite episode of Burb Patrol here:

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Hello again! So, why "Mars Legstrong"? Please, allow me to waste a few moments of your time. Remember that book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus? Yeah I never read it either, but the title is familiar, right? 


So, you know, there's so many women named Venus out there... Williams, de Milo, my childhood friend Jessica's mom... but so few men named Mars! (Bruno doesn't count as... it's his last name.)


Also, what's with all these families named The Armstrongs, but no families named The Legstrongs!? Yeah, you get it.


SO, while there's about a million other people named

"Matt Larson" out there, (who've taken all the usernames), there's only one Mars Legstrong!

 Likely, for a reason...

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